I'm here to show the world that eating healthy is EASY, FLAVORFUL, and FUN!

You know what it’s like to feel like you enjoy what you do? You think you need to put EVERYTHING into it, right? And yet, you feel zapped. You feel complacent, stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next.

Well… that was me.

I started out in Human Resources after earning my Master’s Degree. I was really passionate about it and found myself at a Fortune 500 company. Sounds cool, right? Well, sure, until you find yourself working CONSTANTLY. The things I learned and the incredible opportunities I was given did not outshine the stress, my lack of purpose, and the toll it took on my health.

While in my corporate office (the one I planned on retiring in), I started exercising. Regularly. Like, in my office. I don't know what it was, but I knew I needed to start tapping into the potential of the human body and get active, and I began to realize the amazing things our bodies are capable of.

By exercising regularly, I noticed some really incredible improvements. By committing to exercise, I became even more productive, creative, and most importantly, HAPPY. So, I began to make good use of all the time I spent in the gym. I stopped eating fast food, I stopped spending so much money, and I put my health first. This allowed me to give MORE of myself to others both personally and professionally.

I made a commitment to myself, and never looked back.

Now... let me tell you this: I LOVE food! Like... I REALLY LOVE FOOD! I didn’t want to sacrifice flavor OR my love for delicious foods, so I began to research healthy alternatives. I researched, researched, and researched. Oh, yeah - I researched some more, for good measure.

After all that research, I had a system. I learned all about nutrition, and implemented that knowledge into my cooking. I stuck with it. I tried new things. I researched some more. I repeated. I began to see not only a physical transformation, but a mental one, too.

Through this entire discovery I found the best piece of resounding evidence: healthy eating should be enjoyable and FUN! I try new things, fuel my body properly, enjoy nutritious and delicious foods, and have fun doing it.

The healthier I ate, the more energy, mental clarity, and focus I gained. This was because I was consistent with my eating and was enjoying health recipes. I LOOOVE food (as I mentioned), so I said to myself, “Well, if I am going to eat health, it certainly isn’t going to be boring!”

I wanted to find a way to share this newfound passion with others and spread healthy recipes as far as I could. I created an Instagram account dedicated to documenting my progress and to share my new recipes.

Well, it started to grow. A LOT. And to all those who have followed along on my journey - HELLO, YOU ROCK.

Since I created this online ‘journal’ of my life, I have strived to show a very real and candid picture of my healthy lifestyle while continuously sharing recipes.

The craziest thing is that people all around the world started making my recipes! Dozens of Jazzy recipes were being created across the globe every day. Seeing as this is my ultimate goal, it’s no surprise that I’ve often been brought to tears (shut up, I am NOT crying right now).

One day, a good friend suggested that I compile all of my recipes into an e-cookbook. Despite the fact that I had no idea how to do that, I decided to figure it out and promote it through Instagram. That little, healthy Jazzy cookbook expanded across the world, too!


All of this affirmed to me that it is my absolute passion to create new recipes and to teach others to cook and bake healthy. To see how much others enjoyed my recipes? I mean, c’mon, how I could I not fall in love with doing it?

So, guess what I did next? I took my life savings and quit my job. The job I was going to retire at. The job I was in the final stages of a promotion for. The job that I spent years working for and the years I spent in the classroom to achieve. The job that was my identity. I literally just went in and quit.

Believe it or not, it was an easy decision. I knew that sharing healthy recipes would fulfill me and reach others far more than I could do from my corporate office. Impacting others, changing lives, being creative, following my passion, and spreading a healthy message across the globe? That’s the trifecta! Okay, more like the quinfecta (right...?).

Having dedicated my time to Jazzythings, I decided not to be satisfied by an online presence. I wanted to reach people in person. I started conducting Jazzy Workshops. Soon enough, I was flying all over the U.S. to teach healthy recipes, host large dinner parties, conduct hands-on workshops, speak at seminars, and spread healthy recipes to as many people as possible.

Fast forward. I have conducted over 40 Jazzy Workshops across the nation. My creativity continues to flourish, and I am a consistent recipe creator for one of the largest grocery chains in the world.

My Instagram is still a candid look into my life - apart from my recipes, it’s a very open look into my fitness journey as well. You can see insights into my bodybuilding shows, powerlifting competitions, Crossfit endeavors, and more. That first e-cookbook? I now have 10, including a one for kids, multiple crockpot cookbooks, as well as a Healthy Travel Guide and ‘Baking {made healthy} With Jazzy Kitchen Guide’.


I thought I enjoyed my career. I did the right things to get where I was. I worked hard and put EVERYTHING into it. Yet, I was complacent, overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next. That first step, those first pushups in my office, the first time I turned down a McRib turned my entire life upside down. And now I KNOW I enjoy what I do.

I enjoy creating recipes so YOU too can live a healthier life. So you can enjoy healthy foods that are delicious. And most of all, to prove to the world that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun! 

So, thank you. Thank you for reading my story and being a part of my world.

- Jazzy


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