Meet Your Opportunity To Step Beyond The Rules And Give Your Life Purpose -- On Purpose

Know the never-ending, overwhelming advice about “getting healthy” and “living your best life” that makes you anxious and itchy?

Yeah, this isn’t that. 

(Welcome home. You’re safe here.)


AMPLIFY is all about making vibrant, whole, healthy living as simple as humanly possible.
These 2 immersive days in sunny southern Cali deliver lasting transformations that put you in the driver’s seat of what big thing comes next for you.  
Will you be pushed to grow? Of course.
Will you be pushed to your brink until you’re crying in the hotel shower? Of course not.
Together, we’re going to zero in on your essential self-work in a way that makes this happiness thing a no-brainer for you. #realtalk

You’re doing great things and changing peoples' lives for the better.
Thank you! I cannot wait to start creating some tasty healthy recipes." - Danielle B.

This is the sh*t that works for the people who are here to make a difference.


Claim one of the limited retreat seats for just $275,
and double-dog dare yourself to DREAM.


Ditch the dos and don'ts you’ve dealt with your whole life about health & wellness.

Walk into the room like it’s full of lifelong friends and comrades--because it’s about to be. Like-minded, driven, and encouraging, this is a safe space for big dreamers and bigger doers. (Did I mention it’s a judgement-free zone? Duh.)
Inspiration and positivity flood the room every day as we map out your goals together, create gratitude journals, and design the vision boards that mean you walk away with a defined action plan. (In other words, we’re going to crush your excuses, give your confidence a little TLC, and get you on the fast track to reaching your goals.)  
Devour and dish over healthy and simple meals throughout the whole retreat, plus master my own personal recipes so healthful resources are at your fingertips. Every single delicious meal is served, so just worry about bringing your appetite--and a thirst for knowledge. #grandpajokes

Thank you for traveling around the country and spreading the message of health. It’s truly inspiring.
You gave me goosebumps when you talked about how you quit your job and just did what you wanted to do! I had so much fun at your workshop." - Andrew D.


(You might know me as JazzyThings.)
And there are 3 very important things you should know before we jump in:
1.) I’ve led over 40 healthy eating and wellness workshops all over the nation, so rest assured I walk my walk, talk my talk, and yes--even eat my veggies.
2.) I’m a mind-reader. (Example? Sometime in the last 48 hours you’ve somehow chastised yourself for not having meals planned, foods prepped, calories meticulously counted, and unicorn tears on tap.) I also know you can master this whole healthy/happy living thing in a way that makes sense for you.
3.) And more than anything, I hate rules. Specifically, rules in the health industry. Because here’s what happens when you “follow” them.


Step 1

Pre-Amplify, accidentally drown in the noise from “experts” about what we should and shouldn’t be doing for the perfect body / life / Instagram account. No microwaving foods! No eating eggs! YES EGGS! EAT ALL THE EGGS! Umm...WTF?

Step 2

Have no idea what to do, which means we don’t do much of anything. Inconsistency drives the lack of results that can be demotivating, frustrating, and maybe even making you utter the dreaded F-word: Failure.

Step 3

Realize you’re not a failure. Nope. Not ever. Not even at all. You’re just a little lost in the whirlwind of holistic, healthy living. (Even that phrase makes you feel like you’re not doing enough, right?) I’ll show you the simple way that actually works.

Step 4

Discover your people & purpose at AMPLIFY this June, and don’t just meet your goals--but actually surpass them. (It’s totally cool if you want to high-five yourself. This is a no-judgement celebration zone--and there will be things to celebrate.)

“I’m so inspired now after attending your workshop!
Jazzy!  Thank you so so so so much! I'm feeling so inspired now after attending your workshop! I had a fabulous time, I cannot wait to go grocery shopping and start trying some of your recipes. The bonus was I reunited with some old friends, and I also made a new friend." -Dani 

Here’s how AMPLIFY shakes out:

  • Equip yourself (and your kitchen) with one-of-a-kind recipes and hands-on mini-intensives that teach you exactly how to whip up simple, healthy, & delicious goodies.
  • Spend each day in the inspiring nursery space of The Nursery by Southwinds, in Irvine CA while doing goal-setting work and soaking up the scenery outdoors.
  • Finally get clarity on your goals so you can confidently say what you want and how you plan to get there. Together, we’ll be developing an action plan that pinpoints your incredible capabilities and ensures you follow through.
  • Snag real life, tangible resources and an introduction to new ingredients for you to implement healthy choices, positivity, and gratitude into your life. (Watch how the positivity radiates outwards. I double dog dare you.)
  • Get to know new lifelong friends and accountability buddies to focus on your goals, share reflections, and connect beyond the retreat. Genius doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so we’re popping the seal for more creativity & goal crushing.
  • Enter personally-curated giveaways and claim your (honestly--outrageous) goodie bags, loaded with industry-leading brands and my own favorite products.
  • Two restorative, stressless days that fill your soul, your belly, and your motivation tank. (Uh, can I get a HELL YEAH?)

“Healthy food can taste amazing and creating in the kitchen can be fun!!
Jazzy, Thank you for a great workshop! I learned so much and appreciate you taking the time to share your talent with us." -Heidi



This is an opportunity for you (and all of us) to step beyond the rules and give your life purpose--on purpose.

Tap into your endless potential & claim one of the limited retreat seats for just $250.

You in?



Who is the AMPLIFY Retreat for?

Anyone who is ready to make REAL changes in their life. Women, men, moms, dads (no kids though)... the AMPLIFY Retreat is here to provide you with tangible action plans, inspiration, GOOD FOOD, and exercises so you can leave the retreat ready to conquer your goals! 

>>> Do you have a goal to eat healthier every day and implement consistency (and tap into your willpower as well)?
>>> Do you have a goal to be more physically fit and physically active?
>>> Do you have a goal to find more positivity in your life so that you can live each day feeling fulfilled?
>>> Do you have a goal to meet other like-minded individuals to surround yourself with people who actually 'get' your goals?

If you resonate with just one of those goals, the AMPLIFY Retreat is for YOU! The AMPLIFY Retreat is here to guide you toward accomplishing what you're capable of. Jazzy will be providing you with step-by-step and PROVEN methods for us to implement together and for you to take home with you. 

What should I bring?

Yourself! As long as you come ready to connect, nourish, and grow -- that's all you need.

Can I attend by myself?

ABSOLUTELY! Please do! The AMPLIFY Retreat is a welcoming environment and the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in inspiration and motivation -- no matter if you're bringing a friend or not!

Are flights and travel expenses covered?

Your AMPLIFY Retreat registration does not include your flight or travel expenses. Your registration does include ALL meals, activities, and entertainment during the duration of the event. That's right, ALL meals over the two days are provided!

Southern California is a beautiful destination for you to have a little getaway with family or friends, while your entire two days are planned and covered.

Once you register, you'll receive access to the AMPLIFY Retreat portal with information about nearby hotels that you can book, airport information, etc.

You take care of getting here and covering your travel & accommodation costs, and I'll take care of everything else!

If I register and then cannot attend, can I get a refund?

No refunds will be issued for AMPLIFY registrations. An accurate headcount is ESSENTIAL for this event (especially since all meals are provided)!

If you are reserving your seat with the payment plan, you must complete all three payments as outlined in the AMPLIFY Retreat terms.

What if I have a food allergy?

Jazzy has personally curated the menu to provide healthy, wholesome meals.

While we cannot accommodate preferences, we will certainly ensure food allergies are accommodated. Please email [email protected] if you have any specific allergies.




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